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grow your vegetables

Here on this website you will learn all about soil, soil ingredients, soil depth, soil layers, planting and maintaining your garden, easy garden tools, easy to make organic fertilizers and conditioners to keep your garden healthy and harm free of predators without harming yourself or other livings beings around you. I am a vegan and have been for over 20 years and I only use vegan techniques. 

Remember to always wear your long sleeves, hat and gloves when working in your garden.

The Beautiful Garden of Eden

(another Enuma Elish)

There was a beautiful woman who had a beautiful garden. She spent many hours a day planting, growing and watering her garden. Her garden was so plentiful that she happily shared her garden with others so that they may eat. She grew a tree she called the Life Tree. All the birds of the sky and all the animals of the earth loved to spend time in her garden and in her Life Tree. A kind and generous snake lived in her garden and protected her. A curious man came to her garden one day, met her and decided to stay. And God rested on the 7th day. The woman and the man were so successful in tending the beautiful garden that God told them to go out of the garden and turn the rest of the world into a beautiful garden. And so they were on their merry way!

The Book of Genesis (RSV*) Chapters 1-3

*Sonia Rosa Version

This is an organic vegan gardening website designed for the beginner gardener, who wants to get to the "heart of the soil" and grow their food.

  • we will guide you in putting your seeds in the ground and watching them grow
  • planting starts and nurturing their growth.

Contact Us:

Phone/Text: 415.847.3411